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Feature Request - Don't clear destination names after disk is inserted


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ImgBurn is amazing - I've been using it since it first came out to the public.


I work in I.T. and all the time, people bring me disks of software they want installed. I've began making backups of their software because sometimes it damaged or lost.


Right now, I've got a relatively large stack of software on my desk that I need to create ISOs for, and naming the files correctly has become cumbersome. 


For example, when I put in one disk - imgburn will auto name the destination file for me according to what the disk is named, but when the disk is generically named and you have dozens of similar disks... this is not good. Additionally, if I'm holding the disk in my hands and type in the name I want the destination file to have (so I know what it is clearly), when I insert the disk into my computer, the name I typed in is overridden by imgburn... :-(


This means I have to often times type in long and complex names of software from memory or from a note after I've put the disk into the computer. It would be so much more simple if the name that I type in before the disk is inserted STAYS there instead of being overridden!


LIGHTNING UK!, Thank you for such an amazing utility - it really is the best there is right now - and I'm a fan of your other work as well! :-)

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