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DVD DL-related question


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My dvd unit is an HP dvd640. I recently by mistake bought double layer discs which I realize have twice the capacity of a standard disc, and I now wonder if they


1) will be recordable in this drive using ImgBurn (I typically burn only 600-800 MB, 'shrunk' movies) and, if so,  

2) will they play OK in a standard DVD-player?


Thank you. 




PS: As the discs will (probably) be useless to me anyway I just went ahead and did the deed. First IB warned that the movie would easily fit on a normal disc which I knew already, then this message came:




and this I don't understand at all. What does that mean?

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Well, not final, but IB tried to burn the thing despite all these reservations, started trying, an error message popped up after a short while - the text of which I forget now - then made try number two (of 20; there was a counter), failed and so forth. I gave the thing (and that disc) up for lost on the third try.

No sense whipping a dead horse.

So I guess I should simply buy the right kind of discs next time.. ;)

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