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CD-R in my car CD player does not show track, artist and album names


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I burnt a CD with my favourite songs in ImgBurn in hope that it will show tracks name, artist name and album name. First time I burnt it using With Windows Media Player, that did not work. Than I used ImgBurn. I followed this tutorial that I founded: http://www.hanselman.com/blog/HowToWriteOrBurnACDCDRThatIncludesCDTextWithImgBurn.aspx


That unfortunately did not work and my CD player in my car still shows unknown track, artist and album. I am sure that I followed the tutorial mentioned above right. Could somebody tell my how to burn my CD so it shows the data? Is there a chance that there might be a problem with CD player in my car?  


I found this thread on this forums but I did not fully understand it. He had similar problem.




Thank you for your answers.

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It says it's written a leadin containing cd text, so it looks like the disc should have cd text on it.


Go into read mode with that disc in the drive and click on the media information button. See if it lists what you expect for titles and artist etc.


Beyond that, I guess your player doesn't read cd text.

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