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Five suggestions


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Nice to meet you!

I should like to introduce these options to ImgBurn:

1) Verifying compilation
2) Help file
3) Multi-session recording
4) Packet writing recording
5) Co-existence with DVD Decrypter

1) Verifying compilation:

There is already a 'Verify Disc' function with ImgBurn,
but it verifies discs against images only.
It would be nice to be able to verify against compiliations
(created from Build mode) as well.

I have two optical disc drives, one is reader,
and the other is recorder (with reader of course).

My recorder is a little old and has worn out a bit,
it can record normally but sometimes cannot read properly.

I always verify discs after recordings.
When I use Build mode to record, after recordings,
the recorder ocassionally fails to read, so the verifications fail too.
Consequently, the discs are not reliable to me and become rubbish.

If the 'Verify Compiliation' function was available,
I should be able to use my reader to verify the discs afterwards.

If this function is not practical,
then is it possible to have an option to save (or, exactly, not to delete)
the cache during recording?

ImgBurn translates each compiliation to disc format before recording to disc,
and the translated data is called Cache.

If the cache is retained, it can be used to verify disc after recording.

2) Help file

The settings of ImgBurn are too sophisticated to me,
and I need the guide to help.

However the guide is stored in your forum only,
and I need to connect to internet and visit your site
whenever I want to refer to the guide.

It would be kind if you could attach the guide into ImgBurn as a help file,
just as the way of other programmes.

3) Records multi-session disc

ImgBurn is my recording programme most of the time,
except for multi-session recording,
so without choice I need to keep (or cannot get rid of)
another recording programme.

If multi-session recording was provided, ImgBurn would be perfect.

4) Packet writing recording

It would be grateful to see ImgBurn own packet writing recording,
and include:
-- ISO 9660 level 3
-- UDF 1.5 and up
-- Mount Rainier

Of course, this function is not important at all (at least for me),
but just as a supplement to my suggestion here.

5) Coexistence with DVD Decrypter

DVD Decrypter cannot be retained when ImgBurn is installed.
Is it possible to release the restriction of ImgBurn
so that both programmes can coexist?

Wish you every success!

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Tell Build mode to build an ISO rather than burning directly to disc. That way, you can burn it in write mode and then verify it later with your other drive using verify mode. Of course you also have the option of buying a new drive. You can buy them for about £15 now.


ImgBurn and DVD Decrypter can coexist just fine.

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Yes, obtaining a new recorder has always been on my journal for the last several months,

it will definitely queue to the front of the schedule in the next several months.


In the meantime, I shall make images before recordings as advised by you.


The last time I tried to install ImgBurn after DVD Decryper was a long time ago.

Perhaps ImgBurn has renewed its version and this restriction does not exist anymore,

or actually DVD Decryper can be installed after ImgBurn. I shall try it later.


Thank you for your kind reply.

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