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MD5 doesn't match any downloadable installers


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The title pretty much says it all. The listed Sha and MD5 hashes on the downloads page don't match up with ANY of the MD5's from ANY of the listed mirrors!

Whats up with that???? Guess that means we aren't to trust ANY of the provided downloads? Whats worse is that they almost all were different hashes from mirror to mirror.

Very disconcerting. Attached is a screenshot showing two of the downloads...each from different mirrors that you have provided.

Your download page states the MD5 should be: MD5: 190E6461E635FDC13E39F4612C60618A 

Neither of these show that. You should be careful who you trust to be suppliers of your downloads. They will ruin your reputation.


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What's on the download page matches the ImgBurn.com direct mirror.


The files from all the other mirrors are identical... apart from a few name changes here and there (I guess the webmasters have their own reasons for having done that).


Their CRC32/MD5/SHA-1 should be:


CRC32: 1AF3CD36

MD5: 4BF2B8F4B46385BFDA4D65E423CFB868

SHA-1: 6A3D20796E1FCD4169D5D339AF6E491DCEA3367C


If you download something weird because you've clicked an advert rather than the real download link on the mirror, that's out of my / their control.

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