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Is there a more current version than


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I have an Asus Netbook running Windows 7 Starter, SP1 with Imgburn, and since this is a netbook am using a USB-connected external optical writer.


I am posting this question because I am wondering why there would be no newer version of Imgburn as this one dates from 2013.


Of course I have so far looked under the name "Imgburn". but if the application name has changed please let me know what would be the more up-to-date equivalent of what I currently have.


(Although I do NOT want to put the following as a question to you right now, the reason why I am interested in installing an upgrade, is that, only randomly, I am getting an I/O error when ImgBurn carries out Verification of a burned disc.

I always disable the Avast antivirus while carrying out Imgburn operations and there are no other security applications in memory that have similar functions to antivirus.

I also ensure that there are no other connected USB-connected devices apart from the USB external optical writer.)











You seem to want the Log in any event, but I see no indication of it being attached, having used the "Attach Files" option.

Please let me know if you want the log pasted into this post, although the query is just about the version or name of the application.


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I/O errors are not normally related to the program itself, they're simply its way of telling you that your drive failed to do something it was asked to do. So basically, the issue is normally between the drive and the media you're using.


You're right, the log didn't attach. You can either try to do it again or copy and paste it.

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Oops! - I didn't see the first line of your reply. Sorry!


Please could you let me know why there has been no update nor upgrade, since 2013?


(Normally, for most applications, they seem to need some form of amendment over that period of time.)


Have you ceased developing this application? That would be sad, since it is very good!


I look forward to your further reply and again sorry about my not noticing the first line of your previous reply where you had indeed answered my question.


Kind regards,



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The commands used to communicate with drives are part of a specification (MMC) and don't really change. As such, there's no need to mess with anything if it's working ok... and ImgBurn is working just fine.


Nothing new has come out in terms of consumer writable media since the introduction of BDXL and has already been tested / works fine with that.


Yes, there are features I could add if I really wanted to, but they aren't ones I'm overly interested in adding.


Development hasn't ceased, but I'm also not actively working on it. There will be new versions one day.

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