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Security blocking of setup file


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Upon downloading the setup for Imgburn (ver. 2.5.8), the virus software detects the following pattern:

PUA/Installcore.435 (Cloud)

This file was blocked and moved to quarantine.

After downloading on another pc and from a different source, also at the start of copying from a usb-stick this blocking occurs.

Apparently, this is seen as a high risk file.


Can you please inform what this is, and how to proceed to install Imgbrun?




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Which other one did you try?


The imgburn.com one will be giving you the installcore message, the other mirrors (assuming you get the real download and don't click an advert) will not phase your AV software.


There is of course nothing actually wrong with either of them.

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Finally had time to download a 'clean' version. Now, installation went without any problems.


When burning CD's with other programs up to now, I did not manage to write the file names of the WAV's, while the laptop should technically be capable to do so. 

I will now follow the procedure as mentioned in the following link:



Thanks for your support!  

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