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Burn Two Disk Iso or Mount with a Virtual Drive?


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I have this old 6G software ISO on my hard drive and I wanted to burn it to disk.


Then I found I couldn't because it is 6G and only 4G per disk.


So I've been hunting around to find out how I do that with Imgburn.


But I just had a couple of thoughts:


. Maybe I burn it but when I go to install it won't install because the installer didn't expect the format it is now in?


.  Couldn't I mount it right there on the hard drive via a Virtual Drive and run it from there?


What would you guys who do this all the time recommend?

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 Hi..  thanks for the response.


 Yep, it was easier than I thought.  Win10 comes with its own virtual drive it seems, I discovered. 


I'd have to buy a drive, too, if I wanted to burn double layer disks.   I'm getting the feeling that drives are about done, though.


That means the day might come when I'll say goodbye to your wonderful prog I guess.  That'll be sad.


It will.





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