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Drag and drop from optical renames target folder as Temporary Burn Folder on Fall Creators Update


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See this post for the initial start of this "bug" which I can reproduce.






I don't think this did this before I updated to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.  After updating, it seems to have started.  Although, it could always have been there and I never encountered a case where I came across it before.  However, I believe I have done this before the update successfully.



What happens is if you create a folder in an .ibb job (It does not work if you drag and drop files/folders into the root directory.) and drag and drop files and/or folders from a disc in an optical drive into that folder, when ImgBurn creates the image file, the target folder is renamed Temporary Burn Folder in the image.  If the contents are dragged and dropped into the root directory, they're added correctly.  If you add contents from an HDD, it does NOT rename the folder Temporary Burn Folder.  Only on optical discs as the source.



I've tested this several times and it always does this after my update to Fall Creators Update.  I shut down the PC and powered off in case it was something with the drive gone wonky.  But, I've been able to reproduce it each time.



The easiest way to test this, I've found, is to create a folder called Test in the root directory of an .ibb job file.  Insert a disc into an optical drive, preferably with small files and/or folders, and add a few small files and folders to Test.  Build the image and mount it/burn it, and check the root directory.  In every case I've done this, Test becomes renamed Temporary Burn Folder.  And if there are multiple folders in the root directory with contents from multiple optical drives, EACH folder is rename Temporary Burn Folder.  Although, as I said before, I've NO idea how this can even possibly be.



However, in my quoted post from earlier, the folders were named Temporary Burn Folders in the .ibb.  My repeated tests saving these jobs to .ibb, the .ibb no longer ever has the folders named as Temporary Burn Folder.  They're always named what they were named when I created the folders and named them in the sub folder.



Can someone test this for me and make sure it is a reproducible bug on Fall Creators Update?  Or is it just on my setup?




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