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Build mode and non English languages


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i don't know if this is a bug or what, but when building an .iso file of my data files, many of which have names in Hebrew, they come messed up.

what i mean is that if i mount the .iso with Daemon Tools the names are in jibberish characters.


i don't know, maybe something is wrong with some OS settings on my computer ?

but making an .iso with Nero (Image Recorder) or burnatonce works fine.



(didn't find anything about this in a forum search.

if this has been discussed, my apologies and please point me to the relevant topics)

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The whole program actually supports unicode now, I've spent quite a lot of time on it :)


You just need to wait for the next release ( - and before you ask, I've no idea when that'll be ;)

Hello LightningUK!

no, i will not ask you when that will be!

i will just pray to all the Gods above to shower you with blessings! :clapping::flowers::thumbsup:

and when i get a bit of time (and manage to remember my PayPal password) i will make a small donation too!


<off topic>

darn it...another forum i'll have to become a regular visitor to... :w00t:

</off topic>


second time i post a support question, and get a very quick reply from the Master himself!

i'm impressed.

where do you find the time ???

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Unicode is an industry standard designed to allow text and symbols from all of the writing systems of the world to be consistently represented and manipulated by computers. Developed in tandem with the Universal Character Set standard and published in book form as The Unicode Standard, Unicode consists of a character repertoire, an encoding methodology and set of standard character encodings, a set of code charts for visual reference, an enumeration of character properties such as upper and lower case, a set of reference data computer files, and rules for normalization, decomposition, collation and rendering.





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