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Can someone recommend a blu-ray drive that is known to work with M-Discs & BDXL discs and with ImgBurn?


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Actually, firmware 1.50 might improve the results of your issue.



I checked the release notes for 1.50.  They say these improvements were made to the firmware:


Improvement of the recording quality with BD-R TL(2x 4x 6x : MCM)
Performance improvement during high-speed rotation
Improvement of the operational stability when recording DVD-RAM



That first line is of importance here.  However, it seems to indicate MCM BD-R TL discs.  However, MCM makes Verbatim's DVD-R and DVD+R DL.  Don't know if they make Milleniata's Verbatim M-Disc BD-R TL or not.  Though, it seems you'd have a higher possible success rate with BD-R TL under this 1.50 firmware.  It's definitely something worth investigating if you wanted to invest the time and money.

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