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Buffers & Write Speed


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First off, thank you very much for a marvelous piece of software.


I've looked in the settings and couldn't find an option for this, so I'll make the suggestion. Just one of those wouldn't it be nice sort of things.


I burn a lot of images from network drives, and about 25% of the time I get quite a few buffer errors, where the buffer runs out. I must say that ImgBurn works pretty good at dealing with this, compared with other software, although the recording stops and starts sometimes makes the disc a little difficult to read, where the drive has to slow down to read these little "bumps".


My suggestion may be hard to implement, and if so, never mind. But I thought that it might be good to have a setting so that if the buffer runs out X number of times, the write speed would automatically be reduced to the next lower speed. For example, if I'm burning an image at 8x and the buffer runs out 5 times, the speed would automatically be reduced to 6x, and so on, until the buffer remains stable.


Thanks for all the hard work.



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In theory, BURN Proof should be far along enough now that a little 'bump' doesn't cause any issue at all. A PIPO/Disc Quality scan in DVDInfoPro/CD Speed should tell you one way or the other.


To be honest, I'm not even sure if you can issue a 'set streaming' command in the middle of a write sequence, the drive would probably just reject it and say it's busy writing!


Unless you've got a gigabit network I'd suggest you stick to 4x / 6x burning all the time anyway.

At 8x, that's 8 x 1385 = 11,080 kb/s which I would say is totally maxing out a 100mbit one.

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6X is achievable all the time on 10/100, well it used to be on my 10/100 network

I have burned at 12x over a 10/100 as well, though buffer was getting hammered and tbh it never got to 12X. (The disc was fine aftwards though)


Now all my machines are 10/100/1000 can burn at any speed i choose.


Should be no problem at 4X

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