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Burn Disk to Disk On The Fly 1 source to 2 Burner


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Hi all

thank u for the proggy

great effort

If i may suggest

Could u please add a feature in write mode to burn not only from image but disc to disc

like nero or discjuggler or clonecd or alcohol120 does

also if its possible to burn disc to disc probably possible to chose source drive and choose more then 1 destination drive

either from image to 2 destination

or from disc to 2 destination

I have 2 burner in my system and instead of selecting in copy count how many copies i could make 1 by 1

would be better if could make 2 at the same time simultaniously



reader on an ide card

2 burner on 2 seperate ide port

i tryed it with nero and disc juggler

works great

so 2 disc at the same time



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if burning to multiply drives feature wont be added any time soon because it is complicated to do so

could the copy disk to disk on single drive feature be added?

like 1 to 1 instead of the complicated 1 to 2 or more


Just select the first disk as your source directory in build mode

and then switch to write mode after swapping disks. It pretty

obvious, isn't it?

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