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Settings for burning movie for TV DVD


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Can I ask, please, what my ImgBurn settings should be for me to burn a movie (video + audio) onto a blank DVD disk. The disk will be used in a TV DVD player and it is important that it starts automatically. 

On loading ImgBurn, I choose 'Write image file to disk' and I know the write speed should be set as 8x and that I have to point ImgBurn at the location of my VIDEO_TS folder. The 'Destination' should be the name of my D drive (CD/DVD tray).

Is there anything else I should know, please?

Thank you.

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No.  Once you import a VIDEO_TS folder into a Build job in ImgBurn, the program will ask you if you want to change the necessary settings for a DVD Video disc.  If you accept the settings changes, the DVD Video disc will have all of its necessary settings set automatically.  As long as the video in the VIDEO_TS starts playing automatically, the resulting disc you burn will start playing automatically.  As long as it burns successfully and your player doesn't have problems with the disc you're using to burn to.

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There is no Build option to tick under Tools.  Build is under Mode.  Write won't do anything without an image that was built in Build mode.  Or under EZ Mode Picker, choose Write files/folders to disc.  This will do a write without building an image to hard disk first.


You should really follow a Guide at this point.  Try this one:


Now, if you're building a DVD Video that requires a double layer disc, there's this guide for that:


However, there's really little difference beyond setting the layer break position for double layer discs. 

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Thanks again, especially for the link. In the guide, it says: Now you need to enter the file name for your image file in the 'Destination' box. In this example, we use 'I:\DVD ISO\STAR_WARS_EPISODE_IV.iso'. You can enter it manually or click the 'Browse for a file...' button.

I do not have an iso files in my VIDEO_TS folder, only 2 BUP files, 2 IFO files, and 4 VOB files.

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You will never have ISO files in a VIDEO_TS folder.  In fact, if you did, the resulting DVD probably wouldn't play if you had anything else other than VOB, IFO, and BUP files.  ISO is the file type and file name extension of the image file Build mode will create and Write mode will burn.  Unless you specify file splitting in the ImgBurn settings, which are more advanced user settings.  Then, the file won't be named with a .ISO extension at the end.

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What you will be creating using Build mode is the .iso file.

I prefer to create an .iso to the hard drive even for a single layer burn(Write).

Maybe if you install or have a virtual drive then Mount the .iso created by ImgBurn you will understand the .iso created by ImgBurn better.

When you open the virtual drive after mounting the .iso will look like the DVD complaint folders & files that were on the DVD you ripped them from. 

I use Virtual CloneDrive from Elaborate Bytes but there are others. DVDFab has one also.

Both are freeware (or were the last time I checked).


For the "file splitting" setting I believe the Default is Auto.

That's what it is in ImgBurn on my OS & I don't remember ever changing that setting.


Once you have the .iso use ImgBurn Write to Write(burn) the .iso to a blank DVD disc.

Also make sure the .iso size will fit on the DVD blank you use.

For a single layer DVD blank that is 4.37GB max.

I prefer to use 4.35GB as the max myself.

If the size is over that you need to use a dual layer DVD blank.

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Hello Cholla

Thanks for your reply.

As you can see from the attached screenshot, I now have my ISO file (3.01GB). So I put as blank DVD in my D drive, open up ImgBurn, select Mode | Write from the menu and Tools | Automatic Write Speed at x8, then click on 'Write image file to disk', then File | Browse for a source file, select my ISO file, and ensure the name of my D drive is in the Destination field.

Does that sound about right?



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That sounds right.

I usually don't use AWS.

I usually use half the Max speed the DVD blanc is rated at.

So for a 16x that would be 8x . If your drive allows that speed.

I'm posting some pictures of a movie I did today.

I'm using a RW so the speed is much slower set at 2,4x

This is Build mode.. 

This is the movie folder I'm using. It has AUDIO_TS & VIDEO_TS folders.

Inside the VIDEO_TS  are the standard DVD files .BUP , .IFO , & .VOB .


This is selecting Write mode.


This is selecting the .ISO .


This is the .ISO as the Source in ImgBurn.


This is ImgBurn writing the .ISO to the DVD -RW


It completed & plays correctly.



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