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Buffer always at 67%


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I've seen similar topics here, but nothing conclusive, and am more curious than anything as it isn't causing a problem. When I burn DVDs to my PC's built-in slimline DVD burner, the Device Buffer stays at 67%. I also have 2 external Blu-ray burners, one slimline and one full size in an external casing. When I burn DVD or Blu-ray with those, it stays at 100%. Always 67% with the built-in slimline DVD burner. I'm assuming it is 66.6% or 2/3 and rounding.

Does ImgBurn consider a set amount to be the device buffer? Does this drive have one that is smaller than standard so it thinks it is only 2/3 full, or does ImgBurn query the device and show an actual percentage of its buffer? If so, why does this one treat 67% like it is 100%? As noted, stuff burns fine, I just want to know more about how this number works and why mine is this way. I've used ImgBurn for over a decade on more than a dozen drives and have never encountered one that didn't hit 100%. The regular buffer stays full, and if it is full, the device buffer should be, since any problems cause the ImgBurn buffer to decrease first, and the device buffer only decreases once that's empty.

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