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Error when trying to load ISO image


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I created a back up of one of my gaming dvds by using ImgBurn to create an ISO file from the dvd. I successfully completed the process, but when I try to test the ISO image by selecting the setup.exe file from the ISO, it gives the following error: "error reading setup initialization file."

Is there a workaround to this? Any help would be appreciated. The ImgBurn log is uploaded as an attachment.

(I deleted my earlier post but it still shows up for some reason). 

ImgBurn Log.log

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1 hour ago, LIGHTNING UK! said:

How are you 'testing' it?

Mounting the ISO in a virtual drive program and running it from the virtual drive?


Not quite. I'm running ImgBurn on a Windows 10 hard drive. The (legally purchased long ago) PC game I'm backing up cannot run on Windows 10. So in order for me to install it, I need to run the burned ISO on my Windows 7 hard drive. The game works just fine on Windows 7 when installed with the original cd. However, when I save the ISO on a flash drive and then try to load the ISO from the Windows 7 hard drive, it doesn't recognize it. It tries to burn it to a cd instead. I cannot burn the ISO to a cd because it's too large of a file for my blank cd's. 

The purpose of me doing this is that I recently broke one of my very old pc game cd's. In order to avoid the risk of breaking any more physical cd's and losing the games altogether, I'd like to back them up with digital copies, and then play them from the digital copy so I don't have to keep switching the physical discs and risk damaging them in the process.

Any advice on how to accomplish this?

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