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philips dvd+r dl (burnt couple disk) Now says: incompatible medium installed


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Thanks for responding. I'm not sure If this is what is being requested, however, under Device manager, DVD/CD-ROM drives: hp_DVDRW__DU8A6SH 

And beneath Firmware: System Firmware and nothing more when double clicking on System Firmware. 

Truly appreciate any suggestions on how to resolve this issue. 

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I 07:18:48 ImgBurn Version started!
I 07:18:48 Microsoft Windows 8 Core x64 Edition (6.2, Build 9200)
I 07:18:48 Total Physical Memory: 4,059,376 KiB  -  Available: 824,424 KiB
I 07:18:48 Initialising SPTI...
I 07:18:48 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices...
I 07:18:49 -> Drive 1 - Info: hp DVDRW  DU8A6SH DH61 (E:) (SATA)
I 07:18:49 Found 1 DVD±RW/RAM!

The above is all that reads in the log since it's not recognizing the blank dvd. 

At the Bottom of Imgburn; the program says: "Device Not Ready (Medium Not Present-Tray Open)"

I Close The Tray, Program Says: "Device Not Ready: Logical Unit In the process of becoming ready" then says: "Incompatible Medium Installed" 

It's not recognizing the disc. 

Please let me know if this is not what you're asking for, I'm not very tech inclined. 

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To me, it appears that there is a setting on the cd-rom or dvd drive itself preventing the recognition of the blank disks since three different burn programs are not recognizing the blank disk philips dvd+r dl rw disks. I was able to burn the dvd's a day or two before on these disks. The confusing is, i'm able to put in, and the program recognizes a dvd-r single layer disk, but doesn't have enough space for the burn. Seems the only issue is the dvd+r dl rw. 

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