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bluray udf limit letters and hebrew language.


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.First, I wanted to say that this is the best software on the market in a big gap. And I thank you.
But I have 3 questions and 2 problems :).
1. I want to create a udf file for blu-ray movie from bmdv folder. I want to create with a name that is in the Hebrew language. when the procedure is over. The Hebrew language is not displayed properly.
only when i create a virtual disc  If you can help it.
2. Also, I understand that a udf file is possible to display the file name with a limit of 126 letters. For some reason I always have a 32 letter restriction. If you can help it.
3. Is there a possibility when I create an udf file for a Blu-ray movie that will see a playback image in the disk drive icon when I create a virtual disk for example with virtual clonedrive

1 qustion.png

1.1 qustion .png .png

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“BD Video - Allow Unicode Volume Label” should do what you’re after.

Windows limits the display of volume labels to 32 characters, so nothing we can do I’m afraid.

If you want an image of the disc as the icon when you view it in explorer, you’ll need to create an appropriate autorun.inf file and configure it to point to an icon file that shows what you want it to show. Again, this is something outside of ImgBurn.

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