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Install on Windows 95 4.00.950a?


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I appreciate any help...

Working on my "vintage" Hunter alignment machine's PC. After motherboard (AT Socket 7) failure was finally able to get it working again. I added USB header, and serial mouse will not work. In wanting to upgrade to Windows 98, I need to get a good backup of this "delicate" installation, just in case. I have limited original install discs, mostly wrong versions. 

Not knowing and doubting that original WIn95a will burn a CD, trying IMGBURN where should work on all versions. 

During install get SHDOCVW error, sorry cursor stuck in middle since no mouse. Trying to start the program get SHFOLDER.DLL error. Please see attachments.

Hoping to find an easier way to get a good backup, burning a CD is my only option without tearing it down again. The machine is functional and can perform alignments, so rather not disable it again. I do have new DB9 and PS/2 cables/headers on the way, having a working mouse would be nice. Also could have USB if the 98 upgrade works

Thanks again for your time, Kevin in Maine






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Thanks for the quick reply.

After confirming Windows 95a cannot be updated to 95b, cannot burn a CD, does not support USB, along with other annoyances - I took a leap of faith and let Windows 98SE update over the 95. It was touch and go at first, and has some weird problems but the Hunter system still works! Had to tinker with it some but now have a USB mouse working also! Yeah!!
Still no serial mouse. I have new PS/2 cable ready to go. Will wait for new DB9 cable to install both at once.
Looking forward to trying IMGBURN on this resurrected machine.
Thanks Again...
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