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Can't create bootable grub2 image


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Hi there!

Since the search only pointed to this topic and I couldn't reply to it, I'm creating a new one.

What's new on the front? 10 years later and I've run into a similar problem.

I'm trying to rebuild/remaster the k3os-amd64.iso

  • I've copied the contents of the ISO into folder "x:\k3os-amd64"
    • tried extracting with 7-zip, as well as mounting via Windows and copying from the virtual drive
  • edited some files unrelated to grub or boot
  • started up ImgBurn
  • selected "Create image file from files/folders"
  • added folder "x:\k3os-amd64\" via "Browse for a folder..."
  • switched to the tab "Advanced/Bootable Disc"
  • activated "Make Image Bootable"
  • selected Boot Image "x:\k3os-amd64\boot\grub\i386-pc\eltorito.img"
  • switched Platform ID to "UEFI"
  • checked "Patch Boot Information Table"
  • clicked "Build"

The resulting ISO file wouldn't let my k3os vm boot, while the original, unmodified k3os-amd64.iso works without problems.

Are there any options I'm missing, am I using it wrong or won't this ever get fixed?

Thanks a lot for ImgBurn and in advance for any help.

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Thanks for your reply.

However neither with Platform ID 80x86 and the eltorito.img nor with UEFI and the efi.img I'm able to boot from the created image.

I also tried checking and unchecking the "Patch Boot Information Table" - it won't boot.

Any more information I could give you to pinpoint the culprit?


Edit: I also tried the "Extract Boot Image" option with the virtual drive, created by mounting the image through Windows (10)

Edit 2: If it makes any difference, I'm using Hyper-V for the VM, though I doubt, it does, since the original image works just fine. I believe Hyper-V uses EFI.

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