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ImgBurn may install malware


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Mirror 7 has offered an 'ad supported' version (where the installer uses a plugin that offers 3rd party software during the installation process) for years now. As in, years and years and years, dating way back before

The plugin handles what the user is offered, I have nothing to do with that side of things.

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Hi LighningNK

you should not agree with this things, becaue difams your reputation !  you should make it open your sources under gpl2 over github..

this could maybe help for your reputation..


On Github exist also free space for releases and a good hosting.. and you have clean releases with out some monymaker.. and the best, it costs nothing !

you can also let help with from the Sopensource community for less developing costs.. and you need only maintain in the patches ..

and your Proggy give many more in prominent..

best regards



and by the other part, we are become not younger.. ;)

saving the code..  look on terminate.com, he had all his sources on disk 3,5'' all die's in magnetic and no possible for recovery.. he had make pictures in a carton for me and i had see the pictures.. ....headwaving... so maybe better for save it as open source before rest ...

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