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Is still bundled with OpenCandy?


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Hello forum,

I purchased a new car recently, no auxiliary port and I don't feel like buying an aftermarket radio so I pulled out my CD-RWs.

I used this software to author discs years ago, and was careful during installs because I didn't want aids on my computer.

Read on the Wikipedia page that the final version still included OpenCandy, I reluctantly installed it using the file hosted here and no adware confirmations (or sneaky mention of it in the EULA) to be found. It's quiet. Too quiet.

Checked every folder, task manager, etc. but still feel the need to ask, has OpenCandy been stealthily installed or was it removed from altogether?



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Ah I see, thanks. Nice to know I have a clean installation.

I will archive and cherish this installer until the day I die. Been thinking about having kids, y'know? Need a heirloom or something.

Anyway, appreciate that you're still on the forums and hosting downloads years later for the eleven of us that still burn optical media.



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