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arrangement of audio track


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hi. i copied some mp3 songs using imgburn onto cd . but found that the tracks were not arranged accordingly. 

one method i come across is to rename the track to 01, 02, 03 ..etc

is there other ways ? from what i know, window media player seem able to copy track onto cd accordingly ? 

i am burning mp3 song cd, not the audio cd ... 

please advise.

thanks and regards.


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It depends on how your player plays them.

It might read their ID3 tags and arrange them into albums. It might then order them by track number from the ID3 tag or by name if that isn't available.

At the end of the day, it's a data disc. The files are sorted into alphabetical order within the file system. If your player doesn't make use of the ID3 tags, that's the order it'll end up playing them in and that's when renaming the files to fit your desired order is required.

If media player works for what you want, it would make sense to use that instead.

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