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I love IMGBurn and was trying to use it at work but it doesn't pass a security review as they could not find a privacy policy, it hasn't been updated in ages and was classified as a potentially unwanted application by sever AV Vendors.....  Sad... I use it at home all the time and always recommend the app to everyone!

Please let the App survive this tough world lol...  Close some of these gaps and give me some warm fuzzys.


K love you, bye... lol

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The privacy policy is linked at the bottom of every page on the website. They can't have looked too hard!

Yes, the ImgBurn exe might appear old, but the optical disc world simply hasn't changed since then.

The installer used to include a 3rd party plug-in that handled a bit of 'within the installation wizard' advertising of 3rd party programs. That plug-in is no longer included and the company that used to run it has closed off that section of their business. As such, that classification is out of date. Scan the current setup exe and you'll see it's perfectly clean.


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