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Max amount in bytes for BD-R 25, DVD+R, DVD+R DL


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I actually wanted to post a reply on this topic:


but for some reason there's no reply button. So feel free to move it there. I have exactly the same problem as the original poster on that topic. I am using oscdimg to create ISOs of my data and I burn them using isoburn (MS Disc Image Burner) on BD-R (NOT BD-RE !!!). I can only burn 24,220,008,448 bytes max (I think? I actually burnt 24.170.549.248 -> Sectors: 11.802.048, but I think 24,220,008,448 is the limit), but anything larger and I get:

    The disk image file is too large and will not fit on the recordable disc

This I don't understand. I searched the entire internet, but I haven't found a definite answer

There are 12.219.392 sectors on a BD-R 25, so:

12.219.392 * 2048 = 25.025.314.816 bytes

So I should be able to burn that number of bytes. So there's a waste of:

23866 MiB - 23098 MiB = 768 MiB. What happened to those bytes? Here's what the consortium says:

    To provide an error free volume space to the file system, defect management methods have been widely
    used for rewritable media. This part of the disc management system replaces defective data units with a
    correct version in a pre-assigned spare area. Such a replacement scheme has been carefully designed for
    BD-R taking into account the write-once characteristics of these media

    The BD-R <<< (sic!) disc has an Inner Spare Area (ISA) and Outer Spare Area (OSA) in each layer like BD-RE
    (Blu-ray Disc Rewritable)

So it seems 768 MiB (798.176.051 bytes ?) are reserved for error correction? When searching on the internet, some people will tell you 24,220,008,448 bytes are the max amount that can be burnt to a BD-R 25. However, there are some contradictory reports, like here:


which state it IS possible to burn 25.025.314.816 bytes to a BD-R with a capacity of 25GB. Can somebody please clarify on this? Has somebody actually managed to burn more than 24,220,008,448 to a BD-R (again, NOT BD-RE !)? If it's possible, then why can't I do it? Here's my info:


        Name: PIONEER BD-RW BDR-212M


    Media ID: CMCMAG-BA5-00
    Verbatim BD-R SL Datalife 25GB x6

oscdimg commands:

    oscdimg -u2 -h -o -m -us -r -udfver150 -lDiskName "Burnfolder" "burn.iso"


    oscdimg -u2 -h -o -m -us -r -udfver150 -lDiskName -pEF -b"%windir%\boot\dvd\efi\en-us\efisys_noprompt.bin" "Burnfolder" "burn.iso"


    isoburn e: "burn.iso"

So what is causing the reduction in space? The burner? Blank media? oscdimg? isoburn? Or is it part of the SONY standard after all?

Also, I still haven't found a definitive answer on the MAXIMUM amount of bytes that fit on a single/double-layer DVD+R. Please provide an answer in bytes, I need the exact amount.

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