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How to Add IMGBurn to XP AutoPlay menu


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This will add an option to launch IMGBurn from that 'AutoPlay' menu that pops up when u insert blank media in your drive.


heres the .reg file

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


"Action"="IMG Burn!"
"DefaultIcon"="\"C:\\Program Files\\ImgBurn\\ImgBurn.exe\",0"




@="\"C:\\Program Files\\ImgBurn\\ImgBurn.exe\"%1"


This should be self explanatory, but basically, if you wanna do it manually...

You have to navigate to the keys in the '[]'s in regedit, and create them if they don't exist, then add the values beneath it. ...ya, if yr not familliar with regedit that prolly doesnt make sense, but just google around, you'll get it. OR just dl and run the reg file.


NOTE: If you have not installed IMGBurn in C:\Program Files\ImgBurn\ then you have to change those paths... obviously.



also, not totally sure that last %1 there is necessary, so if anyone wants to chime in on that...

also, shouldnt this just be an option on install?

lemme kno what people think, is this incorrect?


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