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Problem with burning a .CUE file for my PS1 project


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Hi, I'm an engineering student and for my final I'm trying to build a computer that plays PS1 discs. Now I've been following along with tutorials and the thing I need right now is to copy my BIOS. To do that, I need to burn a .CUE file onto a blank CD and then run the CD on my PS1.

Now here's the tutorial I've been following for that:


I'm following exactly what the man in the video is doing at around 1:00. I have not skipped a step and I have verified that I'm selecting the correct files and everything. But whenever I burn the .CUE file I'm using I get tons of errors and misreads and I have no clue as to why. I've been looking all around these forums for potential solutions. And the ones I've seen is using different burners and CDs.

Now I have used two different burners: A DELL brand External DVD drive (Model GP61NB60) and the CD drives a college computer (Model Unknown) and both give me the same results: An error and misread list longer than a dictator's list of enemies. Now my external DVD drive has never given me problems in the past and works quite well for a DELL product so I don't think that's the problem. I have used these college computers before to burn a CD for a past assignment and got 0 errors that time too. I don't know if my CD is important, I'm using Verbatim CDs but I didn't write down what brand they are.

I'm going to put my log in a separate post because it is so long that not even Pastebin will let me save it.

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59 minutes ago, LIGHTNING UK! said:

As that video doesn't seem to include the verification stage at all, have you tried using the disc you burnt and ignoring the fact the program reported loads of miscompares?


Yup, Three discs so far. None of them work.

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