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Add file to bootable .img not working and what to use as bootable iso


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Hello and thanks for any help.

I have a .img bootable file. I want to add a file to it. I tired:

1 unpacking original .img

2. adding the extra file to the unpacked img

3. dragging the whole lot into imageburn (create image from files or folder)

4. checking advanced make bootable. and then needed a boot image? (where can I get that from)

5. tried a file I found online for the boot image

6. it failed. wouldn't boot


Can anyone please help?


Many thanks



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What sort of bootable image do you have? What is the purpose of the image, where did you get it from etc.

You can extract the bootable image from a drive/disc using ImgBurn, but not from within an image. You could mount the image in a virtual drive program (or Explorer) and extract via that though.

We'd need to know more about the image and its contents before being able to offer any real help.

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