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[SPTI Programming] Always getting errcode 87


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I'm trying to read data from a hybrid CD (including iso9660, CDDA and mode 1 raw data) on windows. I can get toc data using IOCTL_CDROM_READ_TOC, but neither IOCTL_CDROM_RAW_READ nor IOCTL_SCSI_PASS_THROUGH_DIRECT can get any data. The buffer is untouched and everytime an error code 87 is generated.

Here's the SPTI part of my code:

const UCHAR cdb[12] = {0xBE, 0, 0, 7, 42, 15, 0, 0, 1, 0x10, 0, 0};
UCHAR bufx[2352 * 1];
memset(&bufx, 0, 1 * 2352);
struct sptd_with_sense {
  UCHAR sense[20];
} sptd;
memset(&sptd, 0, sizeof(sptd));
sptd.s.Length = sizeof(sptd.s);
sptd.s.CdbLength = sizeof(cdb);
sptd.s.DataIn = SCSI_IOCTL_DATA_IN;
sptd.s.TimeOutValue = 30;
sptd.s.DataBuffer = bufx;
sptd.s.DataTransferLength = sizeof(bufx);
sptd.s.SenseInfoOffset = offsetof(struct sptd_with_sense, sense);
sptd.s.SenseInfoLength = sizeof(sptd.sense);
memcpy(sptd.s.Cdb, cdb, sizeof(cdb));
BOOL rx = DeviceIoControl(handle, IOCTL_SCSI_PASS_THROUGH_DIRECT, &sptd, sizeof(sptd), &sptd, sizeof(sptd), &dummy, NULL);
DWORD ex = GetLastError();

I want to know what is missing in my code. One more thing is that I wonder how could the raw data be "cooked", as I want to get mode1/2048 sector data.

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There's nothing obviously wrong with what you've done.

As 'invalid parameter' is often to do with memory alignment, I'd guess you just need to tweak things a little so everything is happy.

I have a 'DWORD filler'  between your 's' and 'sense' to realign on dword boundaries - going by the comment next to it anyway ;)



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