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CD Text doesn't contain performer though that is given in .cue file


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I downloaded an album which consists of one large FLAC file plus .cue. ImgBurn wrote it to CD-R successfully. However I noticed an issue with the CD Text data, at least when played in my car CD player. The .cue file contains a single PERFORMER line before the TITLE, FILE and TRACK lines.

When I play the disc, on the CD player LCD the artist/performer shows "No Artist" for every track.

Here's an extract from the .cue file:

TITLE "Fairytales"
FILE "Bambee - Fairytales.flac" WAVE
    TITLE "Cowgirl"
    INDEX 01 00:00:00
    TITLE "Dr.Doolittle"
    INDEX 01 03:22:02
    TITLE "Seventeen"
    INDEX 01 06:23:12

So PERFORMER is specified once, not for every track.

I modified the .cue file to duplicate the PERFORMER line for every track entry, and burning a disc using the modified .cue file showed the artist text for each track on the player LCD.

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The album artist will have been written to the disc correctly, as that's what your cue is set to do. You could check that with ImgBurn itself in Read mode -> Click on the disc information button.

Your player must not like using/displaying the album artist for the individual tracks and expects them to have their own info recorded. I'd say that's a limitation of its own CDTEXT implementation.


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