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Verbs in stock!!


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svp price has been creeping up on those, the pricematch will certainly bring em back down.



If they have any stock left :D




Ive swaped a few emails with Steve at SVP and they will match the prices for all the guys of the Imgburn forum.....bloody nice blokes.


Much rather deal with SVP than go through the hell I did with the others.


CD-R Media have been taken over by UKDVD-R and I had a hell of a job getting a big batch of faulty discs replaced by them...never ever again will I give them my business.



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Hmm that would explain the layout changes at cd-rmedia. Used them for +r 16x verb when they were 19p a disc. No probs at all.


Again nice of SVP, just shows why they are at the top of the game.

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Showing up as ?14.90 on my account still.


If your a member of the Imgburn Forum, email SVP as I said before and Steve will setup the discount on your account, whenever you log in the old price will shop up with a red line through it and the discounted price will be below it.


Steve said to pass this on to all the members of Imgburn....

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