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Useless Email Replies


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I bought a Navman Pin 570 it's a pocket PC as well.


OK so then i went onto ebay and bought an SD wifi card.


Having a spot of bother with the wifi, dunno if its down to router/sd wifi card/ the drivers and utility or the Navman pin 570.


So i have emailed all companies involved with my findings and questions.



I asked Navman this


How would i go about updating firmware in my new navman pin 570. (as i cannot find firmware on your site)


Also I bought a spectrec SD wifi card and I am having some issues, can you tell me which brands of sd wifi card can be used on this navman 570 thanks..



Their reply


Dear Kevin,


You can use any SD Wifi card on the PiN570, as long as it is compatible with this model.


We did not release any firmware updates for the PiN570.




F'ing useless response.


It's a bit like me saying to a Tennant, you can paint your door any colour you like as long as it's brown.



Also they do have firmware for this device as i know other people who contacted their support over a bug, whereby it would crash when the gps map was zoomed and the reply they got was try this new firmware.


I think this guy who replied just found the receptionist's computer vacant and replied

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Sounds more like you saying to the Tennant, you can paint the door any colour you like, so long as I like it (without telling them what you like).


That firmware issue is crazy, why should you have to wait until you happen to experience the problem it fixes before being able to get hold of it.

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