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Anyone have this drive? I was looking at this one and might give it a try.

Thanks for your input. I did a searh on it and nothing came up, yes I search first I know a lot of people dont do that LOL.

I did a search in google also, but there wasnt much on it.


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Never heard of it.


Why would you even begin to look at a drive you don't already know about?


Personally, I'd stick with what you know works.


Plextor, NEC, Pioneer, BenQ, LiteOn, LG etc etc.


I prefer to keep away from the rebranded drives. Seems pointless getting one of those to me, you just have to wait for them to catch up (firmware wise) all the time.

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not likely i bought them to keep..



Please do not buy any MadDog burner! I have the 18X Megastor and it is now an expensive paperweight! The company Web site no longer existed and customer services cannot be contacted as there is no e-mail, phone number nor physical street address!

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