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Used to have a single .iso file-now I don't know


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Dear fellow backer-uppers


On my old computer, Imgburn produced a nice single .iso file in build mode from a VIDEO_TS directory. I could burn it into a good movie DVD. Now I have set up a new computer in the office (because ripping, encoding and burning take so long-do it while I work on another computer). I am running the usual suspects-Ripit4me, DVD Rebuilder on Cinemacraft and now Imgburn to build the iso image of the DVD-RB output VIDEO_TS directory and to burn. Well on my first backup today of Miami Vice I got a nice looking movie-only VIDEO_TS directory-the usual 9 files, everything looked good. Imgburn however, instead of producing a nice single .iso file, produced three files (I don't have it all in front of me-it's at the office):


Some little .mds file or something

a I00 file or some such with about 4.1GB

a I01 file or some such with about 340 MB


Now correct me if I am wrong but I am pretty sure I cannot burn this into a playable movie. What gives here? Why am I not getting the normal single iso file my old computer gave me with Imgburn?


Please bear with me, I can get the exact file extensions tomorrow.

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Clearly this isn't a bug (you normally have to know what you're doing before you can call something a bug), it's because you've:


1. Messed with the file splitting settings.

2. Formatted your drives using FAT32 which is limited to storing files with a max size of 4GB - hence ImgBurn has to create multiple files.


If it's the later, convert the disk to NTFS.

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Sorry mate, you're right. When I set up this OEM computer, the OS was set for NTFS but D was FAT32, didn't even notice it. Have converted it like you said, now get the single iso file again. Just an idea, perhaps in a future release you could have a pop up warning "destination file system is FAT-file will be split" kinda like an idiot light.

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