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In case anyone is interested this particular drive is an external drive and is a usb capture device, at the back of the external are some inputs --- composite video in (RCA) Left, Right stereo input (it also has s/video in)

Tested the capture bit with the included software honestech one touch, External has a one touch button to record straight from source eg Sky/freeview etc. Seemed to work OK and quality for capture was very good, strange thing though on selecting highest res to capture it gave me a warning about having low CPU power, your having a laugh i got a core 2 duo 2.4.


This drive cost me 35 GBP (retail boxed) OK I thought as it's a really nice external case/drive.


Looked for firmware could not seem to find any will keep looking but if anyone has spotted some please post link, thanks


Scan.co.uk have it, dabs, novatech, bigpockets, orbit computers think ebuyer has this drive as well.

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a coupla questions if i can ,


does it have firewire port on the back for camcorders ?, or just the 3 coloured jack plugs

what format does it save an input ,a nd does it go straight to your hdd, or try and burn to disc on the fly.


iuf it had a firewire connector rather than usb2 , id definately try one ( limited to firewire with thsi laptop, and would lose wireless card if i used a pcmcia adapter for usb2




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It does not record on the fly, you need PC on and even then it does not go straight to disc, there is an option for direct burning in the software but no doubt it does not mean what you think it means :D.


It kinda buffers the capture to PC then records to disc from there.


35 quid for an external drive is bout the price you would pay for separate enclosure and OEM drive so added bonus of capture device which if i had to rate the capture bit would be about 8/10

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Okay, don't have a go at me as I am a newbie!


I bought one of these external writers and it has come with only the most basic of instructions. Thing is I just have no idea of where to start. I have loaded the software but I am not totally sure how I begin to convert a vhs tape to a dvd. As I have no s-video output from my vhs player do I use the scart?


I keep getting the following notice: No HDLS Device detected. Please make sure your device is connected correctly and powered on. So what exactly am I doing wrong?


God, I am begining to feel a blonde moment coming on!



Thanks for any help.

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when you plug it into computer if your using XP it will start to search for drivers pop cd in and let it go. Then install the software by honestech.


Once loaded and it has found audio device etc , you will need to buy if you do not have one, a scart to RCA scart one end and 3 coloured pins the other Yellow-this is composite video, White and Red are Audio L/R


scart goes to your VCR or external device pins go to back of LG in the corresponding coloured pins



Then on the software side click on the wizaard and folow instructions.


IF your using 98 or me the setup of drivers maybe different, you will need the CD for sure in 98 or ME

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