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No, that was the Taco Bell's fault. :lol: The two restaurants together spell trouble. After all, Taco Bell's current ads, touting carne asada steak, point out the problem because, according to Taco Bell, carne asada is a Spanish phrase for rat. =))

I can't eat at Taco Bell either and thats 10 years and running now. I think I mentioned this once before, happened while I was living in California and the restaurant in the town of Yuba City was shut down after an employee was caught putting his feces in the beans. :&



Excite's only just now listing that item? It happened last Friday, I think.

Think this is new events db.

Hence: The parent company of KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut said it had temporarily closed several New York City restaurants owned by the franchisee that operated a Manhattan eatery overrun last week by rats.

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