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Like here kirk, the immigrants are better protected by the law than we are.


Its starting to look alot like that. :thumbup:


However one mayor here in kentucky grew a set of balls =)) (i forget the city or I'd try to find it on the local news site)


Anyhow I don't remeber the whole story but 8 individuals were taken into custody by the police. Seeing they had no identification on them they were all held over the weekend (without being charged for any crime) and come Monday immigration was called and all 8 were deported :thumbup:


I did find this much, it was the pole question of the night



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People come here to the UK for the benefits. When Channel 4 ran a documentary showing 4 out 5 immigrants pass through 4 other European countries to get here, first the government tried to ban it then said it was racist. Once you have been here in the UK for 6 months you qualify for full State benefits - the lot, housing, health, schools everything.


When my mum needed a wheelchair she had to buy it herself after paying into the system for 60 years. Same when she needed a nebulizer to get her through her asthma attacks. Same when she went to a day center. Same when she went into care...

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