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Possible Keyboard Shortcuts Bug


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I don't know if this is intended behaviour or just some leftovers from old behaviour, but, while in Write, Verify or Discovery modes, the old keyboard shortcuts for other modes (R,B,W,V,D) and Log and Queue (L,Q) still work. In Read or Build mode, only their CTRL+ALT+X respectives work.


If I wasn't so used to DVD Dec*cough*... err, the former program :D, I wouldn't even have noticed these.


Anyway, thanks a lot for this great program, I really love it! :wub:

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You can enter data in Build/Read modes via the keyboard - i.e. source / destination files, volume labels etc.


Clearly I can't then just allow a character to change the mode or you wouldn't be able to use those letters in the fields or it would switch modes!


The new real keyboard shortcuts are the CTRL + ALT + ?. You should use those.


The others are only still in there because I did some lower level coding especially for them, but of course they're limited to modes where no other keyboard input is possible.

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