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Edit ISO Image files before burn


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Hey guys,


First thing to say, is, I'm loving ImgBurn - I've only just discovered it, but it's just the sort of programme I've been looking for - small, compact, and seems to do all the burning tasks I need.


Seeing this suggestion forum, I thought I might throw my own suggestion into the mix.


Have you ever thought about introducing a feature to edit iso files before burning - or indeed, before saving? For example, so a user can open an ISO file, then either add files to it, or remove files from it, or extract files from it, and then either save the new file as an iso image, or burn that image to a disc? I suppose, really, I'm suggesting adding the features of programmes like MagicISO or UltraISO to ImgBurn.


I suppose that might be a bit distanced from just burning, but it would be quite a nice useful feature. Just wondering if that was something you thought might be worth considering.


Cheers for the programme though - good work.

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No, sorry it's not.


As you say, it takes the program out of scope.


I actually can't see much of a reason to edit an ISO personally.


If I ever did, I'd mount the ISO in DT, copy the files to my hdd, replace the ones I need to and then build another ISO.


I'd fell much better (safer) about doing it that way too.

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