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CUE Sheet support needed


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I would like to see the ability to use CUE files... This is what is lacking.... Evenso sometimes I can burn just the BIN file with no problem, other times it is not so. I guess it all depends on the instructions inside the CUE file....


I hate to have another program on the drive just to use for the CUE sheets... but that is the only option at this time....



Keep up the good work!




Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Cue support is lacking because the program won't do multitrack / session images.


When (if) it does, I'm sure the cue files will be supported too.


As you say, depending on the complexity of the cue file, burning the bin is fine.


It's not often you find multi track images these days. They might have been more common back when games etc had real cdda audio - these days they tend to use the compressed formats. Of course a lot now come on DVDs too and then there's no reason for a multitrack image.

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