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Password Encryption support for Build Images


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Aside from all standard uses of ImgBurn, I'm using it to back up my SD cards / USB drives. It works very well.


Would be absolutely incredible though if it could encrypt the image with a user-specified password. Compression would be nice also, but for me the encryption is the most important thing.


I think others might have other uses for this as well, perhaps for archiving CDs/DVDs with sensitive materials.


Anyhow, please consider this in future versions. Thanks!

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I very much doubt there's massive call for this and then of course there are all the potential problem that go with it.


If there was more of a 'standard' for encrypted images, I may consider it. I don't really like tying people down to just using 1 program though and of course that's what this would do.


... as such, it's a definite no at this momet, but I'll bare it in mind if it turns out that all the other burning programs start doing it.


In the mean time, you could always just rar the files up with a password or something. That's much more universal.

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I'm not even sure how that works?!


I guess it must be using the 'bootable image' bit in Build mode. That's the only thing that would see non cdrom type devices and let you read from them!


Unless it's just a normal build using the drive's drive letter as the only thing in the 'Source' box.

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I Messed on with Sd/Cf etc a while ago for some Ds games and It works/worked as Un-intended :D


Anyway to get Mapped Drive/writer to be device output (Am sure I got nero to do it a couple of years ago) or maybe I was messing on with it and it did something else.



edit it must have been something else as trying again now and nothing is springing to mind


another edit, Actually I remember now. It was I wanted to build dvd-rom/iso from files on a networked machine using nero and from the source box in nero it was not possible to add files from a network, so i then mapped a drive from networked machine so that it showed up in nero's source browser so I could add the files etc.



I should imagine without remote desktop type thingy it would not be possible to utilise mapped drive as output from within ImgBurn as I understand it, it scans pci/ide bus etc for devices on host computer.

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