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imgburn & truecrypt


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Hello. I am using imgburn almost exclusively to burn to CD and DVD data and various image files.


In case of data I use "mode>build" and then choose "switch to device output", in order to burn data directly to disk.


TrueCrypt is a "Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Encryption", creating a virtual encrypted disk which can be burned to a cd/dvd.


Well this is the only time that imgburn failed to burn correctly, as I burned 3 times the "virtual encrypted disk" and this was unreadable. Then I burned same file with Nero and the result was successful.


It is not a big deal but I thought to report it.


Additionally one question: when I burn data directly to CD the results are always shown and burned alphabetically. Can I change that?

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Did you burn using, or were you using misread some of the file formats and so you'd get a bad burn.


In case you were already using, is there any chance you can tell me exactly how to reproduce this problem using the software you mentioned? Some screenshots showing what to do etc - otherwise I won't be able to do anything about it.


Oh and no you can't change that they burn in alphabetical order.

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