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Hangs at about 30%


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My first post


I have been using DVDDecrypter to burn through DVD Shrink for about a year now and have had no problems. I recently installed ImgBurn Since this installation, DVDDecrypter hangs about 30% of the way through a burn sent to it from shrink, about one every 3 burns. No error in the log. What happens is that the 4.1x drops to 0.0x and then it just hangs. Cannot even abort the burn (says be patient, but an hour is patience enough). Have to unplug and reboot.


Thought that ImgBurn replaces a dll or something, so I decided to use ImgBurn with DVD Shrink by renaming etc. Same problem. Don't have this issue if I burn the iso directly with ImgBurn, only when creating the iso with shrink then sending it to ImgBurn. I only use high quality sony or verbatim media.


Any help appreciated.

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DVD Dec and ImgBurn are both standalone exe files. There is nothing for them to replace or screw up.


Seems your drive is getting stuck burning. I assume you're already running the latest firmware for the drive - if not, update it now.


If you only have problems when shrink is open, close it! It might be trying to use the drive too, and that's messing things up.


The 'Lock Exclusive Usage' bit in the settings (when enabled) 'should' sort that out though (and it's enabled by default), so I don't really know what to suggest.

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Yes, I frequently check for the latest firmware update. It's up to date.


Shrink is not open after it "feeds" the iso to DVDDecrypter or ImgBurn disguised as DVDDecrypter.


And lock exclusive usage is always on (I've always liked the way DVDDecrypter does that).


And I guess no one else has reported this.


By the way, LUK, DVDDecrypter was an excellent program. Was sad to see it go, but happy that you've maintained the burn engine, which I find better than the few I've purchased!


My problem may be elsewhere in the system then. If something comes up on this issue let me know.

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