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Problem when BUILDTYPE in CLI not same as in IBB


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Hi Lightning UK,


First of, you have created a perfect burn prog! Especially the CLI mode is great!

I have succeeded in using the prog for several disks now, and did not have a single failure.

However, I wanted to use an IBB file as input, and sent the output directly to a device, using the CLI. I saved a default project,

and then used the commandline to start ImgBurn:


This caused ImgBurn to start with a message "Terminating interface thread", and it had to be killed with the taskmanager.

If I delete the line: BuildMode=2 or use BuildMode=1 the program runs just fine.


Not an urgent bug (for me) just thought to report it





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This is all linked in with some other CLI issues where the mode is switched whilst the program is already busy in a thread. (Those issues already exist as bug reports)


I believe I have fixed the issue in the beta I'm currently working on and it will of course be available whenever the next 'final' release is made to the public.

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