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Yeah I thought that...we seem to be hogging the chat forum. :(


See what blutach has to say. Perhaps he could find a spot for us on DD, or even play by email...

I would think that DD would be a good place if they would allow it. If, however, I may make a suggestion; I was playing chess online some years ago, and from what I remember there were a number chess sites where you could participate in any number of games at the same time. I gave it up because it was consuming too much of my time (plus it was no fun in winning EVERY game). :whistling:


There was at least one site that I remember being on which paired you with others who played at the same level. I wish I could remember the sites but I am sure a Google search would find them.

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b3 loses a pawn (although I will end up doubled) since I have the square twice.




@MJ - If members want us to stop, we can end it. I hope we are not polluting the board. I used to play a lot on yahoo chess, but don't wanna go back there.



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