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imgburn and dvd decrypter


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OR , you could have just looked at the top of "THIS" forums list and find a "sticky" which tells you exactly how you can get shrink to use the ImgBurn exe , and that would have saved you posting an external link ;)


yes true - i see its the same old attitude of moderators here as old website - phew


merry christmas volvofl10 and you have a happy new year...

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hi there


yup thats the picture, good memory there lightening...


yeah, what it was initially was some chap on afterdawn was saying to drop this .exe in to get dvd decrypter working with the ripper still, basically a newer better burn engine in DvdD, so i had to check this out as the idea seemed bang on...


as i still use dvdD but now i just got into this new app imgburn and love that queue feature i jumped straight in and did 5 discs, its awesome just like the old dvdD...




now with the other remarks? i dont know is its just me, i am not sure the answers to replys seem may i say forced with intent? sorry dont want any rows going on here...


its just that if the app and site were mine and re: the donations it just seems some people may get abit put off???


but the app is bang on and very good indeed!


sorry for the link but i do like to read lots of stuff here and there, never to old to learn ah


thank you for the help L-UK much appriciated indeed.

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Ahh the blue avatar is back! lol


I'm pretty sure volvofl10's initial comment was very tongue in cheek... but of course that's hard to get across in plain text. The smilie at the end does go some way towards helping though.


oh and I've (we've) no issues here about external links. Unless of course, they're blatently advertising a crummy program somewhere!


Anyway, no harm done I hope. We're a nice bunch really... honest! ;)

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the whole point of my post was to inform you that the information you had been searching for was already on here , no need to have to go looking round the world to find it .

as a member of the old forum, you know you only have to ask and several people will try and help you straight away, and 99% of the time , a question/problem has already been answered/solved before .

My post was not meant as "forced with intent" , (whatever definition you meant by this i not sure ? ).

i agree that the written word does not always appear to others as it was meant , ?

I see its the same old attitude of moderators here as old website - phew

so i guess I must of read that quote differantly to how it was meant then ?

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BWA HA HA . no, its not the "same old attitude" , just id rather see people stay in this forum than wander off elsewhere :thumbup:

oh, and im not a mod ........im a rocker LOL


have a great xmas and New Year too :)

Sounds like you came from AfterDawn there volvo =)) =))


HNY to all



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