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Yet another queue in Build Mode request.

DarK HawK

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I have tested and tried almost every burning application out there searching for this feature, a job list or a queue list, needless to say ImgBurn is one of the best.

There is no single application that can do this.


The only solution is that you open 20 neros or 20 ImgBurns at the same time, and that's just lame.


I've read that the problem with the queue list in Build mode is the too much options in the build mode, I'm not a programmer but I have an idea.

What if the author of ImgBurn made an intermediate file with all the options stored in it, it can be like a text file or something that you save after you finish optimizing your burn.

And then you can add those files to the Write mode window just like you add iso files.



Add queue for the build mode. :)

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Yeah configure build mode how you want it and save it as a project file (IBB files) from the option in the File menu.


The just read the 'ReadMe.txt' file in the program directory to find out how to load an IBB via CLI.


or in the most simple way possible, add something like this to a batch file.






Run the batch file and then your images will be created / burnt one after the other.

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Well, earlier today I found myself wishing whoever made DVD Decrypter made an image burning application, and now I find ImgBurn, how serendipitous. Needless to say, I'm uninstalling Nero as we speak.


Could you please tally another request for a Build Mode in the Queue? 95% of what I burn is files and it would be great if I could just specify them with minimal hassle to ImgBurn and burn them consecutively. The IBB thing, even though it works, is rather tedious, and being able to add a whole compilation to the queue would be great. Perhaps ImgBurn could save the compilation I'm working on in Build Mode and add it to the queue? That would make implementation rather easy and the functionality would still be ideal.

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