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Newer Ps3


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I have a 250 sata drive in usb enclosure working fine


Format it to FAT32 (you will need a tool to format a drive this size to FAT32 as windows will not let you) There are a few tools but this one is free and def works http://www.compuapps.com/download/Swissknife/swissknife.htm


Make Sure that any folder you create on it is in CAPS files inside these folders any case will do.


If you find you cannot find media you know is def on drive then press Triangle and show all on Ps3 controller.


What size TV are you thinking about ?

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HD content looks better on LCD over plasma anyday to me At 6ms(on my 42"" or lower even at 8ms and 12ms.(my 19"w lcd tv,s)


Plasma might do better for SD content Eg football in Standard Definition.


I can use my 42""LCD at 1920x1080 for Pc DVI > HDMI (1080p). I also use it for xbox 360 @720p over component and 1080p for Ps3[HDMI] and 1080p for my Elite 360 via HDMI and the Ps3 looks Stunning (cannot really see any difference between 720p and 1080p on my xbox 360's.


Every plasma I have seen looks a little blurry under PC useage.

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USB hardrive AFAIK you cannot use for games saves etc Might give you an option when you goto purchase something where you want to store it but doubt it. You can apply firmware updates from usb flash pens hard drives etc.


£899 would get you the same tv I paid over 1.3k for sharp LC42XD1E does what I want If you did go this route try and get deal with extended warranty. I did not so mine only has 1 yr warranty but is on my home isurance incase I drop it when I,m on the roof.

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