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A question for IMGBurn fans


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No harm no foul eh....didn't know you guys were thin skinned around these parts. :)


I've always thought highly of spinner...a gentleman and a scholar.


EDIT: I think highly of all the regular members here truth be told.

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I come from Nero Burning ROM 5 and 6, when 7 came out I switched to the "lite" editions. Even with the light editions Nero was still bloated and buggy imo. I've had ImgBurn on my computer for a while but when Nero v8 came out I made the full switch. ImgBurn has a much better UI because most options are presented in the same window which reduces the steps and time it takes to actually burn. ImgBurn is also has the smallest footprint of any burning app I know and I just saw a topic on the forums here that it is also "portable". I also like how ImgBurn supports DVDInfo so I can get information on my burn quality. The only thing ImgBurn does not do that I occasionally need is burning audio cds, though I hear it's planned for a future release; for now I use InfraRecorder for that purpose. There are many other reasons I use ImgBurn but I wont bore you with the details. I saw the "sneak peek" at the new beta version in the Ubuntu Wine guide and I am really anticipating it! :w00t:

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I saw the "sneak peek" at the new beta version in the Ubuntu Wine guide and I am really anticipating it!


I'm looking forward to the new features as well. Why can't the regular members/users (here) be privy to beta versions?

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I think the beta team does a very good job...but my question wasn't really to become a member of the beta team, but to have access to the beta releases. But what good is having access to the betas if you can't/aren't providing feedback for troubleshooting, bugs etc. So maybe I was asking, but not intentionally...Everyone who understands what I'm saying raise their hand. :)


Don't know that I could add any value to the process anyway.

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LOCO (and, to an extent, Altercuno),


Some software companies push beta releases on the general public and basically have them be their beta testers. M$ did this with IE7 and other stuff, including Vista (yuk!), IIRC. In the DVD field, we see stuff like AnyDVD and DVDFab pushing out many betas.


Sometimes, something doesn't quite work right with a new feature or idea. That's a fact. Witness the crap going on at the DVD Fab forum with rips not being compliant. So, releasing betas, while it has its advantages of having a wider test group, also in a way, impugns the product when things don't go 100%.


So, what we've got now with ImgBurn 2.3.2 is a rock solid product which everyone will have success with - providing they use good media and have good hardware and firmware etc. To put experimental stuff out there, just for the sake of others having access to it (because this is all it would be), can only take the reputation of the product down from this verrrry lofty perch.


Yes, the Betas miss something every now and then but if serious bugs emerge, they will be fixed. Having 100,000 beta testers won't catch this, as invariably, the beta versions will become the released ones. "Why doesn't this work?" screams new forum member x, who has recently downloaded a beta. Doubtless, it will be because he is trying to burn CMCs at 16x with firmware that is out of date on a rusty burner. When we are ready to support a new version, we'll support it. Till then, we support the official release.


Yes, some people are getting impatient for a new release - but when LUK! is ready, he'll release it. He has already given some indication of timing (please search for it).


Hope you understand where I'm coming from on this.



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