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Device Buffer behavior


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When using ImgBurn to burn DVD+R DL discs (in this case Verbatim), is it normal for the device buffer to dip all the way down to zero then quickly return to 100%? The other buffer always remains at 98-100%.


This happens about 3-4 times during a burn, whether I burn a disc at 4x or 2.4x. And please note that I don't use my pc at all while it's burning a DL disc, and it has nothing running in the background (other than resident AV & driver software).


I'm using PcgEdit/ImgTool Classic/ImgBurn to burn a DVD backup, with 32k gaps enabled in PcgEdit. My 3520 is burned with Liggy & Dee's latest 3520A firmware, 2.U3 RPC1. All booktypes are set to DVD-ROM via the firmware. http://liggydee.cdfreaks.com/page/3520/


Sorry I don't have a log, but I've attached a CD-DVD Speed (v4.11) printscreen of a DL disc I recently burned.



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It normally does that when the WOPC stuff kicks in to check the burn quality is still ok at that given speed.


Use the 'Display Write Speed Graph' option in the File menu and you might actually see those drop off points.


Guess I'll have to wait until my next burn to utilize the option. Newegg currently has free shipping on Verbatim DL discs so I bought another 10 pack.


BTW, what do think of the Pioneer DV-588A player?


see: http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/cgi-bin/sho...ch&articles=122


Seems like a decent player for about $100. I really want to part with my Philips DVP642 because for some reason it just doesn't like burned DL discs, especially Verbatims. Not to mention it's rather noisy on seeks and even playback.

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